Xiangnalan Nalan Fragrant Thai Jasmine Rice 金龙鱼泰国茉莉香米 25kg

SKU: 1ND300

The raw grain comes from Ubon Ratchathani, the famous producing area of ​​Thai fragrant rice. It is packaged in the original place and 100% imported with original packaging. It has excellent quality and taste.

 Product Features

Xiangnalan takes the distinguished blood of Thai Hom Mali Rice. In Ubon Ratchathani province, which is more suitable for their growth, Tai Nong personally sows, transplants, harvests, and encapsulates. Every link is devoted to the most devotion to the genuine Tammy, and it is this devotion that has been condensed into Shannaran's "3·1·5" quality assurance system.

 3 guarantees:

Obtain the official certificate of origin in Ubon Ratchathani

The Ministry of Commerce of Thailand approves the use of the Thai jasmine rice logo

The sole supplier of grain, oil and food for the 2011 Shenzhen University Games

 1 platform for national supervision:

The company set up a 1 million Integrity Fund to invite peers, media, experts, and consumers to supervise the whole people. If it is found that Xiangnalan Jasmine Rice is not from Thailand, the first person to successfully report and verify the truth will be rewarded with RMB 1 million.

 5 product advantages:

All new rice of the current season is used instead of aged rice or past season

The breed is noble, and the purity of Thai jasmine rice is not less than 92%

The raw grain comes from specific farms in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Origin package

Every package is guaranteed to come from Thailand

 Product Specification 

 In order to meet the diversified needs of domestic consumers, Shanneran pure Thai fragrant rice is processed through the method of "importing Thai rice and sub-packaging with domestic advanced equipment", which has a higher cost performance. This product does not participate in the activities of "Million Yuan Reward, National Supervision".