Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea 王老吉大箱 1.5L

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Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea is packed with various herbal ingredients and preservative-free, making it an ideal drink to cool yourself on a hot & sunny day. It's 'cooling' properties helps after a long night of work or after a hotpot session.

Guangzhou herbal tea is full of streets and alleys, Wanglaoji comes to Sanhutang; there is also Shennong 癍藧 tea, a collection of 24 wonderful Chinese herbs. Wanglaoji, Wanglaoji, the four o'clock cold is the best, drinking a cup of tea is the best cough.
Lin Zexu's Gift of Gourd Wang Aji has been addict to medicine all his life. After returning from collecting medicine in Baiyun Mountain, he sells medicine for consultation in the medicinal shop he opened. The average patient can take his three or five medicines to get rid of illness. His medical ethics is good, regardless of whether he is rich or poor, he does not put on airs, he only seeks to heal people. Therefore, everyone regards him as his own, and is used to calling him by his nickname-Aji. As he gets older, he naturally becomes "Wang Lo Kat".


6 bottles in a box