Yeshu Coconut Palm Juice 椰樹牌椰汁 245ml

SKU: 2DK039

Coconut Palm Coconut Juice is made from coconuts rich in Hainan. It has been freshly squeezed from fresh coconut meat on Hainan Island for 28 years and is refined with advanced processing technology and scientific formula. It is a natural vegetable protein beverage without flavor, saccharin, preservatives and cholesterol. Its juice is uniform and milky, clear and mellow, with a strong natural coconut fragrance, soft taste, moderate sweetness, containing fat, protein, and seventeen kinds Amino acids and zinc, iron, calcium, manganese and other elements. It was designated as China's state banquet beverage in 1991. The products sell well throughout the country and are exported to 33 countries and regions in the world.

6 cans in a pack

4 packs in a box