Black Cuttlefish ball 万嘉棠墨鱼花枝丸

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▪ Hand-made smooth cutlet pulp made from carefully selected fresh cuttlefish, and specially made with the exclusive boiled pure cuttlefish juice
▪ QThe delicious pulp retains large chunks of plump cuttlefish meat. The real material guarantees every bite Everyone is full of praise
▪ The sweetness of the cuttlefish and the sea flavour of the cuttlefish are perfectly interwoven. All are locked into the plump cuttlefish and cuttlefish balls. The rich layers and flavors are fused between the lips and teeth, allowing you to change your view of the fishball products and get a brand new Experience!
▪ This product is vacuum-packed, with professional packaging technology, which is convenient for gift giving.

30 each in a box