Assam Strawberry Milk Tea 阿萨姆草莓味 400ml

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Assam black tea is combined with creamy milk and strawberry juice for a drink that has become a standard in Taiwan. The milk flavour has a smooth and relaxing taste to it, allowing it to produce mellower and more subtle flavours. This allows the flavours of black tea and strawberry blend together for a tea that is full of harmonious flavour. A delicious drink the whole family can enjoy pack one of the tea boxes in your bag or lunch to take flavour with you wherever you go.

6 each in a pack,

4 pack in a box

24 bottles in a box

 Product Features

Blended Black milk tea with strong and fresh strawberry scent.


 Product Specification 

Water, Assam Black Tea Extract, Sugar, Creamer(Hydrogenated
Coconut Oil), Milk Powder, Emulsifier, Salt, Flavoring
Nutrition Facts:
Serving size: 400mL;
Servings per container: 1;
Amount per serving: Energy:182Kcal;
Total fat: 3.2g;
Sodium: 104mg;
Total carbohydrates: 38g;
Sugars: 32g; Protein: 0.4g