Arawana Brand Soybean Oil 金龙鱼大豆油 1.8L x 6

SKU: 2SG320

Selected fresh high-quality soybean raw materials, authentic taste, pure and fragrant, and can be smelled by lifting the lid.
Using a unique process, it retains the original aroma and nutrition of the authentic soybean oil, removes impurities in the fat that are not good for the human body, and makes the dishes delicious and healthy.
The oil is golden and translucent, and the color is good, which can bring out the fresh fragrance, luster and excellent taste of the dishes.
Excellent quality, no precipitation, less oily smoke, keep the kitchen cleaner and housework easier.

6 bottles in a box

 Product Features

Fortify vitamin A and add vitamin E to ensure that the product meets the standards for the use of food nutrition fortifiers.
High-quality raw materials, pure flavor, no precipitation and less oily smoke.
Anti-ultraviolet transparent packaging, see the quality, retain nutrition.
Suitable for all kinds of cooking purposes.