Arawana Brand Peanut Oil 金龙鱼特香花生油 900ml

SKU: 2SG302

Because it not only smells the fragrance, but also makes the fried dishes more fragrant, it can make the fried dishes full of color, fragrance and taste, and invisibly improve the cooking level.

Color: Arowana peanut oil is golden in color, making cooking with it more colorable and has appetite.
Fragrance: Arowana peanut oil not only smells pure peanut fragrance, but also brings out the fragrance of various ingredients, such as onion, garlic, meat, etc., to make the dishes particularly fragrant.
Flavor: Arowana peanut oil is a vegetable oil that has been squeezed purely physically, so it can well retain the natural original flavor of the ingredients and make the dishes more delicious and tasteful!

15 bottles in a box

 Product Features

1. Why does peanut oil solidify?

Because of the special composition of peanut oil, peanut oil will appear flocculent, semi-solidified or even completely solidified state below 12°C. After solidification, the peanut oil will become lighter in color and appear pale yellow or milky white. This is the physical property of peanut oil. An important sign to distinguish whether peanut oil is pure or not! This is a normal phenomenon. If it does not solidify below 12°C, it is not pure peanut oil. After solidification, the nutrition and taste of peanut oil will not be affected, and it can be eaten normally. "Even if the pure peanut oil from the same manufacturer, due to the sequence of production batches, different storage locations, etc., will cause a slight difference in the outside temperature, different solidification states will appear, some solidify first, and some solidify later; Some are half solidified, and some are completely solidified!

 Product Specification 

 Raw peanuts are kept fresh at constant temperature, and the grains are big and plump

 Using 120 degree roasting process, pure fragrance (cooked peanut oil)

 Pure physical pressing process, pure and natural

 Long-lasting peanut aroma, bringing delicious taste to dishes