Arawana Brand Corn Oil 金龙鱼玉米油 1.8L

SKU: 2SG310

Arowana corn oil is made by pressing 100% corn germ, which is precious. The oily color is translucent and less oily, the taste is refreshing and not greasy, the unsaturated fatty acid is high, it is rich in linoleic acid, rich in vitamin E and phytosterols, in line with today's light and healthy diet trend.

6 bottles in a box

 Product Features

1. Small-package corn oil was launched in China in 1999;
2. Professional and healthier;
3. Quality assurance from the world's top 500 companies;
4. Rich in phytosterols, linoleic acid and vitamin E; 5.
100% pressed, non-toxic Genetically modified;
6. Work with the Chinese Medical Doctor Association to launch the "Cholesterol Education Program".