3:15pm Rose Fruity Milk Tea 三點一刻玖瑰奶茶


3:15PM Rose Fruity Milk tea is an instant Taiwanese milk tea flavoured with rose hip fruits and aroma. After being fermented and roasted, the tea leaves are rich and unique in flavour, added sugar, creamer and rose hip extract powder to make tea bags.

24 in each box

 Product Features

  • Han Xing came to Taiwan to name and buy trophies
  • The first "tea bag milk tea" on the market
  • Recommended by Food Bloggers
  • Real tea. Drink real tea fragrance
  • No artificial tea essence
  • Less than 100 calories per serving
  • Edible milk
  • Rich in fruit aroma and rose aroma

The elegant rose fragrance is intoxicating. In the soft flavor, it has a rich milky fragrance, a mild texture, and a fragrant taste. It is worth tasting.
Popular ethnic groups: all ages, those who like the elegant fragrance of roses, and elegant ladies.

 Product Specification 

  • Contents: sugar, creamer, black tea, rose fruit powder, oolong tea
  • Contents: 20g/bag
  • Origin (country): Taiwan
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Manufacturer Name: Shicheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacturer Tel: 04-23587898
  • Manufacturer Address: 15th Floor, No. 847, Section 4, Taiwan Avenue, Taichung City
  • Food business registration number: B-186117471-00000-4
  • ※ This product contains milk and its products, please read the ingredient label carefully when purchasing.