3:15pm Coffee Milk Tea 三點一刻港式奶茶


Indulge in the silky-smooth taste of Coffee Milk Tea in a delicious blend of Black tea, Oolong tea, and milk tea powder combined to steep the full flavour of loose tea leaves in a convenient tea bag. Fill your home with the naturally sweet aroma of oolong milk tea infused with creamy goodness. Rich and bold flavour finished with earthy notes that delights anytime, anywhere.

24 each in a box

 Product Features

The strong scent of ground coffee and black tea create a special mellow taste. After the entrance, it emits a thick mellow coffee scent. A cup in the afternoon will make you feel relaxed and happy.
Mainly ground coffee beans, adjust the degree of fermentation of tea leaves, mix them together and bake them. Adding a little tea to the coffee can neutralize the irritation of the coffee without losing the aroma of the coffee.
Popular ethnic groups: people of all ages, those who usually like the aroma of coffee, and those who like mandarin duck milk tea.

Indonesia MUI Halal Certification Number: 00120089650718

 Product Specification 

  • Contents: sugar, creamer, coffee beans, coffee powder, black tea, oolong tea, cinnamon powder
  • Contents: 20g/bag
  • Origin (country): Taiwan
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Manufacturer Name: Shicheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacturer Tel: 04-23587898
  • Manufacturer Address: 15th Floor, No. 847, Section 4, Taiwan Avenue, Taichung City
  • Food business registration number: B-186117471-00000-4
  • ※ This product contains milk and its products, please read the ingredient label carefully when purchasing.