Crab Flavour Chowder Soup 蟹肉海鲜汤


Fragrant Crab Flavor Soup

Delicacy from the ocean, you can see the crab sticks and fresh carrots paired with the fragrant seafood soup base, and you can drink it sweet and delicious.
The fragrant and thick exclusive cup of thick soup, whether you are outdoors or in the office, immediately satisfy your hungry belly!

24 each in a box

 Product Features

  • Mug exclusive brewing
  • You can see the silky crab stick
  • Nutritional, delicious, low-calorie, healthy plus points
  • Ready to drink, simple and convenient
  • The best partner for afternoon tea and midnight snack

     Product Specification 

      • Contents: Acetyl distarch phosphate, creamer, maltodextrin, lactose, crab sticks, refined salt, tofu corner, seafood flavored stock powder, fine sugar, gelatin, carrots, vegetable flavored stock powder, onion powder, Nori flakes, β-carotene, silicon dioxide
      • Calories: 58.8 calories per serving
      • Contents: 15g/bag
      • Origin (country): Taiwan
      • Shelf life: 18 months
      • Manufacturer Name: Shicheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
      • Manufacturer Tel: 04-23587898
      • Manufacturer Address: 15th Floor, No. 847, Section 4, Taiwan Avenue, Taichung City
      • Insured product liability insurance font size: 12016PL0N000087
      • Food business registration number: B-186117471-00000-4

    1. This product contains milk and its products, fish and its products, soybeans and its products, crustaceans and their products, please read the ingredient label carefully when purchasing.
    2. Please keep it in a cool and dry place. After opening, please brew and drink as soon as possible.
    3. Meat food