3:15pm Plum Soup Tea 三點一刻鳥梅湯


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Selected fresh plum to process and used traditional producing method to have the harmony sweet and sour distinct flavour. It is not only a healthy drink also good for relieving your thirst & taking care of your throat.

24 each in a box

 Product Features

  • Ready to drink, simple and convenient
  • Both cold and hot drinks are delicious
  • The smell is sweet and sour, promotes body fluid to quench thirst
  • Drink after meal to relieve bloating and greasy feeling

In the hot summer, people want to cool down and cool down. Wumei soup can be said to be a must-have product for all ages.
It does not need to be boiled for a long time, it is ready to drink, simple and convenient, and it is good to drink hot or cold. Drinking it after a meal relieves the greasy feeling of belly bloating.
The finely selected plum fruits are brewed in accordance with the ancient method, the smell is sweet and sour, the body fluid can quench thirst, and can moisturize the throat. It is a health drink for the whole family.

 Product Specification 

  • Contents: sugar, lactose, instant ebony powder [granulated sugar, ebony extract powder (ebony extract, maltodextrin), sodium octenyl succinate starch, ebony flavor (containing sucrose), tartaric acid, caramel coloring ], food flavors, malic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, caramel coloring, silicon dioxide, refined salt
  • Contents: 25g/bag
  • Origin (country): Taiwan
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Manufacturer Name: Shicheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacturer Tel: 04-23587898
  • Manufacturer Address: 15th Floor, No. 847, Section 4, Taiwan Avenue, Taichung City
  • Insured product liability insurance font size: 12016PL0N000087
  • Food business registration number: B-186117471-00000-4

1. This product contains milk and its products, please read the ingredient label carefully when purchasing.