3:15pm Jhihuo Oolong Mint Tea 三點一刻薄荷茶


Jhihuo Oolong Mint Tea from 3:15PM is prepared using a blend of mint and oolong tea. It has been prepared using a traditional method of fermentation and baking. The tea bags are reusable.
Helps to relieve thirst, facilitate digestion, stimulate appetite, create fresh breath, and enhance energy.

24 each in a box

 Product Features

  • Triangular three-dimensional tea bag, you can see the original tea leaves
  • Fashionable light drink, both hot and cold
  • Natural flowers and plants combined with Taiwan Oolong tea
  • Free of artificial colors and fragrances
  • Exclusive direct fire baking technology
  • Ready to drink, simple and convenient
  • Relieve the heat and refresh your breath

In the hot season, you should have a cup of cold brewed mint tea, and in the cold winter you can enjoy a cup of warm fragrant mint tea.
The original Taiwan oolong tea is selected to produce lightly fermented oolong tea. It is matched with the unique cool flavor of mint. It
also adds elegance to Taiwan oolong, retaining the aroma and coolness of mint. It is accompanied by the sweetness and sweetness of oolong tea. It is brewed both cold and hot. Delicious.
Features: Mint fragrance is accompanied by oolong tea rhyme. The refreshing and refreshing taste can refresh the spirit, enjoy the refreshing taste, and refresh the breath.

 Product Specification 

  • Contents: Oolong tea, mint leaves
  • Contents: 2.5g/bag
  • Origin (country): Taiwan
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Manufacturer Name: Shicheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacturer Tel: 04-23587898
  • Manufacturer Address: 15th Floor, No. 847, Section 4, Taiwan Avenue, Taichung City
  • Insured product liability insurance font size: 120102PLON000072
  • Food business registration number: B-186117471-00000-4

Note: Please keep it in a cool and dry place, brew and drink as soon as possible after opening.